The Reconnex product is an easy to use and intuitive character recognition software, with a direct interface to the Scannex software.

Reconnex is divided into two main parts :

  - The development environment for character
  recognition applications (RECDEV.EXE)

  - The execution program for batch processing

Reconnex is a user parameters defined program, simple and fast.

The application manages the parameters in order to process the images batches created by Scannex, with create, modification, real time testing of the characters fields to recognize.

Reconnex is able to recognize the following type of characters :

  Machine print : character printed with a laser or ink jet printer. Three different engines are available

  Dot Matrix print : character printed with a dot matrix printer. Two engines are available, either for 9 dots
  or for 24 dots printers.

  Hand print : hand written characters, usually in special boxes.

  OCR: characters printed in OCR-A or OCR-B fonts.

  Check boxes: boxes generally hand checked or not.

  Bar codes : two engines are available.